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School of Industry-Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Industry-Applied Sciences is located in the district of San Rafael, in South Mendoza. This Faculty offers university education in industry-related sciences.
The Faculty provides general, specialized, and advanced scientific and technical training to satisfy the needs of the chemical, food, and winemaking industries. This School was created to meet the region’s social and educational needs, while considering the growing demands from the industry.

Academic Offerings

Technical Degree Courses, Teacher Training Programs and Undergraduate Courses

  • Bromatology
  • Technical Degree in Enology and Viticulture
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Food Industry Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Teaching Degree in Chemistry
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Enology

Master´s Degree

  • Master's Degree in Food Engineering
  • Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering


  • Diploma in Enology process
  • Diploma in Teaching Biology for a Scientific Culture
  • Diploma in Chemistry Teaching with New Information Technologies
degree courses
undergraduate courses
technical degree courses
master’s degree courses

Community Services: Laboratory services for third parties

This laboratory plans, and carries out physicochemical, biological, and radiochemical testing at the request of third parties. The Lab is certified by the Argentine Institute of Standards (IRAM) – Quality Management System requirements under ISO 9001:2008.


  • 1961

    Creation of San Rafael’s Higher Technological Institute

  • 1964

    The Institute is transformed into a Faculty of Industry-Applied Sciences

  • 1971

    First graduates with nationwide valid university degrees

  • 1977 - 1983

    During the military dictatorship the Faculty was closed

  • 1984

    Engineering degree courses are reopened

  • 1993

    First own building facilities

  • 2007

    Inauguration of new building

  • 2016

    Creation of Master’s Degrees in Food Engineering and Chemical Engineering

  • 2017

    Creation of a degree course in Mechanical Engineering